15 كار عجیب و غریبی كه وقتى دُخترها تنها ميشن در خلوت خود انجام مى دهند + عکس

There's no and, ifs, or buts about it... We all do strange things in our lonesome especially when it comes to being in our birthday suits. As men, a lot of us like to enjoy a post-workout flex in the mirror while nude or practice acrobatic and gravity-defying moves with our private parts, it's all something we can openly admit but, what do women do when they find themselves in similar situations? Well, we've gathered some evidence and it looks like we have fifteen things most women do secretly when they're alone and in the nude. Check them out for yourself right now!
Get Jiggy To Their Favorite Beyonce Tracks
This really isn't a gender exclusive trait when it comes to bumping your favorite tracks, fresh out the shower, knowingly annoying your neighbors, and practicing your best dance moves in the nude and in the mirror. Especially, when it comes to Beyonce. How can you resist gyrating your hips to 'Drunk In Love'?
Stripper Moves
Right next to naked twerk moves has to be practicing stripper moves when it comes to the ladies being naked in their lonesome. Who wouldn't want to look hot while teasing their significant other? These things require practice, so it's understandable that this would be a common practice for the modern day woman.
The Naked Yogi
Yoga is already one of the most calming practices anyone could participate in. It takes patience, discipline, and a lot of flexibility which is why it has to be twice as calming and comfortable in the nude. We wouldn't mind watching our favorite lust-worthy admirers get their naked yogi on whatsoever.
The Visible String
A lot of women are self-conscious when it comes to their time of the month and wearing revealing clothing while on their period can result in a lot of embarrassment in public. So, when they're alone and naked it's become a common practice to see how visible one's tampon string is. Makes perfect sense if you ask us.
As men, we usually check out our private parts in the mirror with ease but, with the ladies being internal beings it takes a little more than a stroll by the mirror to check out their lady parts. Many women check out their vaginas in the mirror in order to get familiar with themselves and wonder if that's a rash or natural discoloration, we recommend this as a regular practice.
Gravity Check
Breasts are God's gift to the earth being that not only do they provide nourishment to newly arrived humans, they're also great to look at. But, sometimes women tend to do the flop test or see if they're beginning to sag while in the nude and in their lonesome. Don't worry ladies, we enjoy them whether they're perky and reaching for the sky or aimed at your knees like two thumbs down.
Age Themselves
Ageism is real in our society so, some women tend to worry themselves to death by counting every blemish and wrinkle that pops up on their bodies while in their lonesome and in the nude for what could be hours at a time. Still, we've got to say it again, ladies you'll always be loved and appreciated despite ageist physical flaws.
Titty Twisters
Honestly, this is yet another non-gender biased activity that we think we all do and that's watching your own nipples go from soft and as smooth as a baby's bottom to as hard to the point they'd be able to cut glass without a problem. A flicks here and there and voilà! Hard nips!
The Bellybutton Test
Here's yet another common act by all human beings. A lot of us tend to check the contents of our bellybutton while in the nude. With this particular body part being so weird and sensitive, the ladies tend to secretly do this when alone as well and we totally understand why.
Stray Hairs
Another strange societal standard we've incorporated in recent years is the shaving of the pubic region. Women feel pressured to be totally shaven these days or they might face rejection from a possible lover so, some women examine their inner thighs and pubic regions for stray hairs and pluck them while in private and in the nude. Sounds extremely painful.
The Fake Preggo Belly
We've seen this time and time again, to the point that this might no longer be a secret activity that women do but, the fake pregnant belly push out is rather common and something that a lot of women participate in, in order to see how they'd look pregnant. Fellas, if you catch your lady doing this monitor her birth control as much as possible. You don't want any future surprises.
The Total Opposite
Not only do the ladies practice the fake pregnant pose they also do the total opposite. Honestly, men do it too but, women tend to stress over weight issues a lot more than men do. Regardless, of your size or how thin your stomach is, we appreciate you all.
The Much Needed Breast Massage
Let this be a message to the men out there... Women need massages too and no, we're not talking about rubbing her vagina like your Jam Master Jay on the turntables either but, a little higher up in the chest region. Yep, women perform self-breast massages in their lonesome and in the nude. Take notes fellas.
Look Back At It
There's a strange fascination when it comes to butts that no one in the world can truly explain. We're guessing the symmetry and curvaceousness of a nice well-proportioned a** is what does the trick for most which is why women commonly check out their own butts in the mirror to see what marvels their significant others so much to the point they can't stop touching them. Plus, who doesn't like a nice a**?
The Naked Chef & Housemaid
It's almost every man's dream to come home from a long day at work, open the door, to their significant other wearing nothing but some stilettos in the midst of cooking dinner or tidying up the living room. Unfortunately, this happens a lot in the privacy of their homes and living spaces and rarely with company around. Regardless, of what you might consider strange or weird while in your lonesome and in your nakedness, we have one thing to let all you women out there know... You are loved and appreciated, thanks for being you.